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I bet no one expected for me to rear my head here, now did we?

This game really does show promise, but lacks a certain amount of "Polish".
I found that the game seems to break very easily.
The textures of the two characters seem to have parts clip off of on occasion.
The movement with both methods is a little bit clunky.
I barely tried, and I broke out of bounds.
Also just personal preference, but I think that the mouse buttons should be flipped.

Though, I didn't hate everything.
The artstyle is adorable with it's low poly 3D models, pixel art textures and paper like characters and environment pieces.
With what story there was, I really wanted a full game to play. While I was "Boundry breaking" I figured out that you had a few area tags that the player shouldn't have seen. Things like the mysterious building and the nest.

Taking into consideration how old this game is, I doubt that you are still working on this game, but a response would be extremely nice!

P.S. Sorry for tearing your game to shreds. I can't help it.


I like to see the game expanding, but I have to say that I'm a little lost. I know the controls are written here on the page, and obviously I played the previous game so I thought I knew the controls, but when I try to left click the text bubbles, nothing would happen. And when I tried to talk to the pilot(?) a dialogue box opened, but I couldn't close it and had to restart the game.

When I started over, I avoided the pilot(?) and instead tried to interact with the computer above the pilot(?) and got the same result. On the dialogue page, it also showed two different character avatars, neither of which were mine.

Not sure what the problem is, but it's unplayable as it is. Sorry. If there is an update or the error is corrected, I'd be happy to try it again.

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying these out as an attempt to figure out some game design stuff, I'm reworking the way a lot of the game functions, and I'll fix those bugs you mentioned. Thanks for letting me know!

No worries. Once you have an updated version I'd be happy to play again!