Lust Quest: Flirting in the Forest is a remake of Lust Quest: Cannie with some new bells and whistles. This is a Lewd Questing game where you play novice adventurers taking odd jobs and getting in over your head.

Today you play as Prota and are joined on an adventure by Cannie as you try to find out why the denizens of the forest have been hit by a huge wave of Lustful energies, so much so that they cannot control themselves.

This game contains NSFW content of an anthropomorphic variety both through text and through images.

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NSFW art and icons by @jacobsprouse97

With music by @velocirection

And @UberwulfX

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(60 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsFurry, NSFW, rpg-light, Turn-based


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What if gay version in the future uwu

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I'm guessing this isnt finished yet so I'll comment with that in mind

it's quite an interesting system for battle, though still feels like it needs a bit more to be fully fleshed out, having more specific actions and easier tells for what works and not and such, certainly prefer it myself as I'm not much for clickers but I didnt mind the OG one too much

it'd be nice to have everything from the OG game returning, and I dont just mean the characters/enemies and areas, but also the existence of menus and resting at campsites and doing stuff with cannie, I do wonder how it will be different since, well, the way you interact with everything is different

on a separate note, I Feel like a slight change in perspective would be good, as is it can be a lil hard to click on the ground where u want to, games on this kind of style typically have a more top down but not exactly top down view to mitigate it

I did like the visual style of the original quite a lot, but this one doesnt look bad at all either, maybe needing a bit more of something but I cant really communicate what I mean on this haha

it's interesting, but not as good as the first

How do I fight the masked figure?

It take a long time to load in preventing me from playing


Clicks tongue


Just a heads up. I'm getting an endless error loop during the dialogue about the Idol with Tam.

oh no! Thanks for reporting this, I’ll investigate the issue.

Issue fixed! Somewhere along the line I accidentally messed up the connecting dialogue node, breaking it.

Hi! im pretty sure this bug is happening again- I cant even go to Freya

android version pls

i cant find the idol qwq

It’s on the floor near the masked figure fight. You have to look near some blocks on the ground

Deleted 2 years ago

that’s the one, I’ll put it in an easier to reach spot tomorrow

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

Okay! I fixed it and uploaded a new version. The idol is in an easier to reach spot and I have double checked to make sure it has the dialogue script associated with it so that you can get the dialogue option to interact with it. My apologies for this being broken as it was.

In response to your other comments, the game is intentionally as short as it was, the previous projects I've worked on took much longer to produce both in terms of writing and designing, this one took significantly less time, and is a remake of Lust Quest: Cannie in a better system with more programming options for me to add content.

Combat right now does not include any sort of leveling curve, this is both because I have not programmed it in yet and because I'm trying to decide the best way to approach leveling, the game is also short enough that it doesn't really need it.

I'm so happy you want more and that you find the quality to be a massive improvement!!! I was working really hard to make this game as polished as possible so that people would feel it to be a higher quality product. (though some bugs end up sneaking through sadly)

Once again I'm sincerely sorry that you were plagued by this issue and it didnt let you see the rest of the game. This should be properly addressed now, please let me know if it isnt. I also fixed an issue with resetting the game that caused Cannie's dialogue to break and included that in the update.

Thank you so much for taking the time to message about the issue and provide feedback.